How it works?

Invest in an intelligent portfolio of new developments that are designed to meet your financial goals.


Compound interest and leverage are important factors that make investing in pre construction condos an effective investment strategy. The ability to mortgage and borrow approximately 5 times the amount of money you have available allows you to maximize your investment. 

Most people have financial goals they are trying to achieve. Retirement, children's eduction, or a second home are just a few. The majority of these goals require a significant sum of money that can take years to save. Having your money work for you is a valuable lesson that many need to learn. Investing your money correctly can allow you to meet your goals much sooner. 

What Should I Invest In?

If you have $120,000 and put it into a savings account or GIC, you can expect to make a 2 or 3% return. Alternatively, you can invest it in the stock market which is riskier. Large Banks often advocate investing in the stock market as a way to save for your future. However, they will not lend you money to do so. However, they will lend you money to invest in real estate. 

If you have $120,000 you can often leverage it and buy $600,000 or more worth of pre-construction real estate. This can generate some lucrative returns. Many might think this is a great idea but, do not have $120,000. However, many do own homes with equity that can be invested. The average home that was purchased in The GTA in the past 10 years has risen in value significantly. A home purchased for $400,000 ten years ago is likely worth over $1,000,000 today. At the same time, a substantial portion of the original mortgage will have been paid off leaving a large amount equity.

Why should this equity be invested in pre construction?

Leverage is the most important consideration, and compound interest is the second.
Leverage is the ability to purchase a $600,000 home with a $120,000 downpayment. If the condo value increases by 5% the first year, it’s the whole $600,000 increasing by 5%, so a $30,000 increase, or a 25% return on investment, keeping in mind that the investment is just $120,000.  If we project a 5% increase in value the second year, now it’s the value of $630,000 increasing by 5% an increase of $31,500, that’s compound interest, which leads to a $26.25% return in the second year. Based on the same parameters, the increase in the third year would be $33,075 or a 27.56% return. If we project out 5 years, which is often the amount of time between buying a pre-construction condo and completion, based on a 5% annual increase, the $600,000 condo has increased by $165,768.94 to $765,768.94 or a 138% return on your $120,000 investment.  We are using 5% appreciation, which is conservative. In recent history, some projects in the GTA have appreciated by over 10% annually. So it is quite possible that you will see higher returns.