Student Renters Guide

Student Renters Guide

Renting as student shouldn’t be stressful. We guide you on your journey to rent your new home

When to start looking to rent? Ideally 1.5 - 2 months before you need to move

In Toronto most landlords start to look for new tenant 2 months before unit is available for rent.

How to prepare yourself to rent unit that you want?

· Have your deposit ready

Majority of landlords require first and last month’s rent in form of bank draft or certified check

· Prepare your references

2 references will suffice, 1 from your previous or current landlord and 1 from personal reference

· Have your guarantor or co-signer lined up

Or employment letter, if you work

· Know your budget

Annual rent should not exceed 30-35% of your annual income OR guarantor’s income OR combined income of you and your roommate

· Know where you want to move and do your research on the area, and be flexible

Know how long will it take you to get you to school, grocery stores, TTC, medical care, shops etc.

· Be ready to make a quick decision

With current vacancy rates less than 1.1% in downtown Toronto, units get rented very fast, if you find a place you like you need to move fast or it will be gone by tomorrow

· Seek help and work with a professional real estate person

We have access to 1000’s of units for rent on MLS and we can help to find the right accommodation at no cost to you as the landlord pays the fees


What documents do landlords ask for...

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