Tech in the Home - Smart Locks

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Tech in the Home - Smart Locks

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Have you ever stayed at a hotel and arrived at your room to learn that you can enter the room without the use of a key, and in some cases even without the use of a key-card? Well, you can now take that same level of convenience and apply it to your day-to-day lives by introducing a smart lock to your home.

Smart locks bring a level of ease and convenience to the mundane task of locking and unlocking your front door daily, by granting you the freedom to leave your house keys at home while still being able to enter your home and lock it while you leave - think of it as the equivalent of the hands-free set for your mobile phone. They also offer a number of other key features in addition to keyless entry.

There are a slew of products on the market that are considered "smart-locks"and they each have different benefits. We have identified our top-2 picks in this category and will outline their key features below.


1. Kwikset Kevo 2.0 The Kwikset Kevo 2.0 is a second generation product that allows you to unlock your door by tapping the lock with your finger. The way the lock works is by using the bluetooth technology that you already have on your phone. When you are with a couple of feet of your door, the key will know that you are approaching and will activate the touch to unlock feature. When the feature is active all you have to do is tap the lock and it will unlock the door for you, all while your phone is still in your pocket, bag, or purse.

 Another great feature that this phone offers is the ability to "copy" a key digitally and share it with family members or friends. For example, if you have a house-guest staying with you, this key allows you to digitally send them a key through the Kwikset app that will allow them to enter and exit the house while they are staying with you. Once they leave, you can deactivate the key and it will no longer work.

Have you ever been in the basement when a friend arrives at your front door? This key system also allows you to unlock your door through the app so that your friend can let themselves in without you having to go to the door. This feature is also great for our elders who may not be able to get up to open the door.

Monitoring who enters and exits your home might be the greatest feature that this product offers. When the door is unlocked, the app tracks who it was that unlocked it and who locks it again.

This type of lock offers the same level of security as your traditional lock but with the added benefits outlined above, that make it "smart".

Price: Approximately $200 depending on the vendor.

2.  August Smart Lock
This lock is useful for the person who likes the look of their existing lock but would also like to add the benefits of a smart lock. By replacing only the inside plate of your existing deadbolt, the August Smart Lock maintains the exterior lock look and feel all while adding smart lock capabilities.

This product also offers the ability to create "virtual" keys and manage the length of time that the virtual keys are valid for. And it also automatically locks the door after you leave and opens the lock as you approach.

?One feature that sets this product apart from the rest is what they are calling "DoorSense" technology. This means that through the August Smart Lock app you can confirm that your door is both locked and closed. Most other smart locks and confirm that your door is locked but not that it is necessarily closed. There is a chance that your deadlock could be "locked" but the door itself is still open. This lock can confirm both.

  Consider taking a step towards achieving your dream smart home by adding smart locks to your home today.