Meta Vodopivc

Overseas Business Development Manager

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25 Watline Ave Mississauga, ON


Meta is the Overseas Business Development Manager at Cityscape, where she employs marketing strategies to procure and retain clients in international markets. Her background is in law, and her years of legal experience fostered her strong communication, analytical and strategic planning skills, which are all paramount in her role at Cityscape.

Prior to working at Cityscape, Meta was articling at the Consulate General of Slovenia in New York and District Court of Ljubljana. She obtained a degree in law at the University of Ljubljana. She was accepted into the Erasmus Programme, a European student exchange programme, and completed her last year of law studies at the University of Wroclaw in Poland, focusing on international law.

Meta is actively involved in Toronto startup community. In her spare time, she has been practicing martial arts for over 5 years.