Adnan Bashir is the Senior Executive Vice President of Cityscape, where he leads a growing team of more than 600 real estate professionals, and oversees the company's rapidly expanding business. His decades of managerial experience in real estate have made him a seasoned expert and during that time he has established ironclad relationships with key industry players throughout the industry.

Adnan's impeccable leadership capabilities are a key ingredient in Cityscape's ongoing success as the company expanded from one to four offices, four to over 600 real estate professionals and $10 million to over $1 billion in annual sales. His well-established reputation in the industry combined with his deep-rooted connections to leading developers the world over has given Cityscape privileged access to many exclusive pre VIP packages in the pre-construction sector.

Much of Adnan's time is spent carefully poring over market data in Canada and abroad, selecting only the best opportunities for Cityscape agents and clients. His vast wealth of experience in development including commercial plazas, sub-housing divisions and custom built homes provides him the 'knowing by doing' expertise, which in itself is inimitable. This combined with Adnan's more than two decades of hands-on experience as a real estate professional make him a fountain of knowledge on every aspect of the real estate industry. He is an invaluable source of wisdom for agents at Cityscape and provides comprehensive training in every facet of the industry.

This expertise also makes Adnan a highly sought-after partner, as he is constantly invited to collaborate with developers even beyond Canada's borders. He has entered numerous Joint Venture programs and has brought many foreigners into the Canadian market. His international footprint extends to the Middle East, Egypt, Turkey, and Pakistan and continues to widen.