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Defining your niche in real estate

Specializing in a certain area of real estate can increase your perceived value and create more leads.
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Why realtors should work with a mentor

For new realtors and established agents alike, there can be a massive benefit to developing a mentoring relationship as you grow your real estate career.
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Why realtors need a social media presence

People want to do business with people they like, trust and who are knowledgeable. Social media creates the perfect storm for you to grow your brand by gaining trust, educating your audience, and sharing what you and your business are up to. Leverage these platforms with our tips and start growing your business today.
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Empire Maverick Condos

Empire Maverick Condos is a new condo development by Empire Communities currently in pre-construction at 321-333 King Street West, Toronto.
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Top hiking trails in the GTA

There's not much better than a sunny day, a packed lunch, friends and family, and a beautiful walk on some of the most picturesque trails in Ontario. Get outside this summer and enjoy these beautiful hikes just outside of the city.
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6 Things That Homebuyers Regret

Buying a home is exciting, nervewracking, and rewarding. There are dozens of decisions to be made and no one wants to make the wrong one. With that in mind, here's a list of common regrets of homebuyers – so that you can learn from their mistakes.
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Property of the Month – 302 Johnson Road in Brantford

This month we take a trip out to Brantford to explore this gorgeous home that sits on 54 acres of property.
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Victoria Day long weekend events in the GTA

The first warm-weather long weekend of the year is on the horizon. Put on your outdoor-shoes and get out to one of these great events in the GTA!
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